Event Conduct Policy

This policy consists of the rules and actions that will be taken if a minor(s),
youth, or participant/ church member acts unbecoming while participating in
church events on the church premises or while traveling abroad with an entity
functioning as King's Gate Worship Center. Terms here shall be defined with their
appropriate actions that will be conducted in the event anything were to deemed as
a violation of this policy.

In this policy, misbehaviors of any kind is defined as actions and/or
decisions made by a person(s) that is deemed as inappropriate for Christian like
behavior such as vulgarness, crudeness, racial discrimination, sexual misconduct,
and disrespectfulness to church leadership, chaperons, or peers. This definition
also includes the unwillingness to participate in events such as sitting with your
group and staying with them.

When any person(s) under the age of 18 that travels as part of any entity that
is defined in representation of King's Gate Worship Center, will arrive and leave
with the group and not separately, unless preplanned before the trip with it
submitted in writing to the department head overseeing that event, subject to lead
pastor approval.

If said minor(s) decides to leave on their own accord, immediately the staff
and chaperones overseeing the entity will notify first the parents, secondly local
law enforcement of a runaway child, and third King's Gate Worship Center Lead
Pastors. For the legal reasons and the safety of your minor, the minors of other
families, and our staff, we will NOT try to hold/ restrain your child from leaving.

If your minor(s) decides they will not stay or will not comply, parents will
be asked to pick up the minor, or we will return them to you, if we feel we have the
appropriate amount of staff to send two staff members to accompany your child
home and maintain current events with other minors. If we return your child to
your home of record, or agreed place of meeting, we will ask you to refund the
church the fuel to bring them home due to their misbehavior, unless waived by lead
pastors. If you do not refund the cost of fuel, your child will be barred from
returning to any future events. Please understand it is not fair that we take away
leadership from other minors who are willing to participate. These minors that are
willing to participate are our priority.

First time offense will cause your minor to not be able to return to the event
that is currently taking place or any other events off campus for 30 calendar days.

Second offense will cause your child to be banned from any events off
campus for 180 calendar days without parental chaperones, and on campus for 30
calendar days without parental chaperone. Before returning to normal activities,
parental discussion with the head of the department and lead pastors about prior
behavior and its prevention of happening again is required.

Third offense will cause your minor to be banned from all events for 365
calendar days on campus without parental chaperones and off campus completely.
Before returning to normal activities, parental discussion with the head of the
department and lead pastors about prior behavior and its prevention of happening
again is required.

We ask that if your minor has any health or behavior problems such as
ADHD, social anxiety disorder, back issues, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Down
Syndrome, or any other issue, that you set a time aside with the leadership of that
department to make an appropriate plan to help maintain your minor at that event
so they may get the most out of it and prevent issues that may cause disruption.

It is most vital to us that your minor, if taking medicine, get their appropriate
dosage at the correct time. We ask you to understand we are not a medical facility
or medical staff of any kind and legally cannot force a minor to comply with taking
medicines of any kind. However, we can remind your child to take their medicines
with the list you provide and facetime you so you can watch them take said
prescriptions. We ask you send no kind of pain medicines of any schedule with
them outside of the description of over the counter medicines such as Tylenol or

If your minor requires insulin due to Diabetes, nitrogen due to heart issues,
or an EPI-PEN due to allergic reaction, etc. it is YOUR/ THEIR responsibility to
notify of us of these conditions, allergic reactions and the location of these

Does hereby agree and acknowledge this policy set forth by King's Gate Worship Center, its staff, leaderships and Pastors and I will adhere to this policy.