Advancing the Kingdom by Faith, Love & Power

Children's Ministry

The Babes, (6 weeks-2 years) – This is such stimulating time of development! Our passion is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our infants and toddlers, to discover a love for their neighbor and more importantly a love for God. We strongly believe that each one of these Babes was created for a specific purpose and we long to see their God designed plan unfold each time they discover something new. Our caregivers use music, sensory games, and visual stories to present the gospel in a unique way to these precious ones. (The Nursing Station and Nursery are open for parents and caregivers to utilize throughout service.)
Pre-Kingdom Kids (3-6 years) – Wow, these boys and girls are learning how to put into practice what they are being taught! In this classroom, children are shown how to use God’s Word in order to develop language and valuable social skills that glorify their Creator. Teachable moments are just seconds away and we strive to use each one to grow more like Jesus. These years are so vital to brain development and it is our privilege to help foster a heart of worship for God through the use of banners, musical instruments, and our voices in both song and prayer.
KingdomKids (6-12 years) – In this classroom we strive to display a respect for God and others, by serving one another in both family and community settings. Each Kingdom Kid has a place in the body of Christ and in order to walk that out we are structured to equip our children for the “Now.” By cultivating an atmosphere where each child knows God in an intimate, personal way, by being filled with the Holy Spirit, they can impact their world for Jesus!

Sunday School

Our Sunday School Classes range from, Pre-Kingdom Kids (2 – 5 years), Kingdom Kids (6 – 12 years)  and youth (13 – 18 years) on into our adult Ladies and Men. These classrooms are located in 3 different buildings across our campus: The Children’s Center holds (The Babes, Pre-Kingdom Kids, Kingdom Kids and Ladies) classes. […]